Self-Love & Care

May 30, 2024

Sooooo, I know you probably keep hearing a lot of people talking about the importance of self-love and self-care. There may have even been times where you are like, “seriously not this topic again.” But do you truly know what it means to have self-love and self-care?

            Self-love is defined as having the highest regard for your own well-being and happiness. You are priority, therefore, unwilling to sacrifice your well-being just to please others.

      Self-care is defined as the act in which you manage the behavior of self-love. Engaging in various activities: healthy food choices, exercise, adequate sleep, routine medical checkups, meditation, mental therapy, spiritual practice, fulfilling leisure activities, relaxation, positive environment, and work-life balance just to name a few.

In order to achieve healthy relationships, it is important that you love yourself first. Learning to love yourself and truly enjoying who you are as person is priceless. Loving yourself includes setting boundaries with others. These boundaries don’t mean you love or care about people any less. Instead, it instills a level of respect and accountability for others to hold if they want to be part of your life. This is your own happiness and a vital basic human necessity. 

Mental health starts with you. You can never pour from an empty cup. Self-care are those action items that you take to rest and rejuvenate. What are your action items to care for yourself? Do you hold yourself to the highest priority? Do you love yourself so deeply it commands other to respect you or leave? 

Our hashtags #Selflove, #Selfcare and #TreatYourself are part of motto because when you feel good, you do good. This goes with being the energy you want to attract. Self-love and self-care are sacred journey that you will have to discover on your own. We advise starting with your mind: meditating, journaling and reading. Then work on your body: baths, aromatherapy showers, incense and candles to stimulate your senses. Add in your spirit at whenever you are ready. Spirit is a lifelong journey that I found continuously evolves and grows with you. Books and journals can be essential tools to guide you throughout your practice.

Let's talk about it if you are ready. As always be well and be safe. Namaste 

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